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Reconnect with Your Partner

If you’re looking to get away from the day to day and reconnect with your significant other, or celebrate your marriage/anniversary, a romantic vacation is the perfect way to dump the daily grind and renew your relationship.


Traveling together provides an opportunity to reconnect without the interruption of kids, work, and daily stresses.  


Are you foodies? Explore a gourmet all inclusive beach resort or sail on a European foodie River Cruise.  Ocean cruises will zip you to far off places while offering the luxury of exploration and relaxation all in one. Do you love adventure?  How about zip lining through the Costa Rican rainforest or hike the volcanos of Hawaii.  No matter what you choose you’re sure to reunite in ways you weren't sure were possible.   

Couple of tourist on vacation in Rome.jpg

At Love of the Magic Vacations we focus on creating unique and memorable romanic vacations for honeymooners, destination weddings, and couples.   Brides and grooms your destination wedding or honeymoon will be seamlessly planned helping you to easily enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams.  Love of the Magic Vacations has extensive experience helping couples easily plan for your big day, taking away the additional stresses of this busy time in your lives.    Couples, need time to reconnect? This is our specialty.  As much as we love to plan your family vacation we also love to share the special moments of helping couples enjoy time together without the family.

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