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Family picture in Mexico or the Caribbean
Luxury Family Vacations  Benefits


Traveling as a family provides opportunities for building family bonds and creating memories to last a life time. Children that grow up traveling with their families often continue their annual vacations with their own families and even help to plan multi-generational family trips as adults.  


Imagine traveling with your kids and grandkids and the fun you’ll have. Traveling provides a life of education that textbooks and school settings can’t compare too.  Seeing the world with your own eyes helps bring people together, provides real world problem solving skills and takes a global approach to daily thinking.  



You can see the whole world with your family. Gone are the days when traveling has to wait until the kids are older.  Today families with children of all ages explore the world together. Sure, your travel days look a little different when you travel with a 4 year old vs a 14 year old, but there are things to see and do as a family everywhere.    


Throw a pin in the globe or pick from the top of your travel bucket list.  Think Paris, Germany, Italy and the UK.  How about Greece or Tahiti?  The Hawaiian islands, cruises and Disney and Universal theme parks are favorites of many traveling families.   No matter where you choose to visit there are experiences for everyone. The Hawaiian islands entice the history lover, beach goer and even the young and adventurous looking to surf the big waves.  Swim with the sea creatures, learn the culture at a local luau and enjoy the islands cuisine as you explore all the Hawaiian islands have to offer.


Cruises will take you all over the bahamas and Caribbean islands and even all over the world.  Cruising provides an easy way to see multiple places at once while only unpacking your bag one time.  Live onboard and enjoy exquisite cuisine and entertainment by night while exploring the next port during the day.  Cruises are some of the best ways to get young families traveling.  

Is there a place in a favorite movie or a book, like Harry Potter, Moana, or Home Alone that has sparked an interest in a particular destination?  One of my favorite ways to explore with my kids is to see the places they watch on tv. You will watch their faces come alive as they realize these places are more than just a tv destination and figment

of their imagination.  

Cruise ship in Santorini Greece
cruise ship in Santorini Greece

Not quite so ready to venture far from home?  The Florida theme parks have something to offer all types of ride lovers and movie buffs too and the beautiful Florida beaches and cruise ports are nearby making it easy to have a split land and sea vacation.  There is a place for everyone no matter where you’re at in life.  Favorite Family Vacation Destinations: Ocean Cruises, Disney World, Disneyland, Universal, Family Friendly European Tours, All Inclusive beach vacations in Mexico and the Caribbean.

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